Did you miss the EnterpriseJS community kick off on May 21st at HomeAway in Austin? Don’t worry…we have you covered – here are the highlights, plus a link to the speaker videos.

So, how did it go?

EnterpriseJS, the meetup, was held at HomeAway HQ on May 21st – with over 80 people, from Austin to San Diego, in attendance. The format of this event is a mashup of three parts: Opportunity to connect and network, followed by speaker presentations, which then led to the Birds of a Feather (BoF) sessions. The BoF sessions allow attendees to go deeper on the topics presented by the speakers.

At this first meetup, the presentation topics ranged…from the use of Node.js and Swagger to scale to the change management journey to get to scale...to an update on what’s next for Node.

  • Trevor Livingston, KrakerJS team member at PayPal, provided an overview on how to scale enterprise API development with Node.js and Swagger

  • Boki Beran, WebUI Architect at Intuit, shared Intuit’s journey from “legacy code and processes” to collaborative mindset and processes to enable scale.

  • Dan Shaw, President of NodeSource, spoke about what’s been happening with Node.js, including an update on io.js

Wanna see the speakers in action?

Check out the videos from each of these awesome speakers: Trevor Livingston of @PayPal , Boki Beran of @Intuit and Dan Shaw of @NodeSource

Once you watch the videos, don’t forget to pass on the love and share with others using #enterprisejs or @enterprisejs in your content.

About Aliza

Aliza Carpio is Technology Evangelist at Intuit. She is also an Innovation Catalyst, a member of Intuit's Patent Committee for Consumer Group and a member of university recruiting for Intuit's co-op program.