Okay, I know that I am one of the inventors of Tank but I truly believe that Intuit Tank™ is cool… Tank is a disruptive and democratizing technology. It evens the playing field for companies of all sizes when it comes to performance and load testing. Here are just a few of the things that make Tank cool.

  • Tank is cloud native. It is designed to take advantage of Cloud paradigms such as cloud storage, managed databases, on demand resources, and key value data stores. It is designed to take advantage of the value proposition that you only pay for what you use and you can create whatever scale you need in a matter of minutes.

  • Tank is programmable. Tank has a full REST API that can be leveraged to participate in automated workflows. At Intuit, we run nightly automation that includes installing code, running selenium scripts and recording the transactions, sending that recording to Tank, and analyzing the results.

  • Tank allows you to visually debug your scripts. Often when running a load test, you need to change and “variablize” your requests. This can lead to errors either from bad data or out of order flows. Tank allows you to run through the test with a single user and check the output and state for each step.

  • Tank is cheap. Tests only use resources for the amount of time that they are running. This saves the cost of maintaining test servers in a data center that are only used for tests.

  • Tank is scalable. No matter the size of your organization, you can test your applications for Google scale capacity if you want.

  • Tank is scriptable. Filters and steps can be scripted in Javascript to extend the built in functionality.

  • Tank has a bulldog as a mascot.

  • And best of all, Tank is open source. You can download it now and reap the benefits of scalable load testing as well as help build the community.

Intuit Tank™ is an open source tool used by performance engineers to load test websites. I would love for you to download it and try it out and send me feedback via the comments section or to intuit.tank@gmail.com. My personal blog is at https://denisangleton.wordpress.com where I write about Tank and other coding issues. There is a stand alone installation that can be used to test the interface locally and see how it works. Check it out at https://github.com/intuit/tank

By the way, this entry is part 3 of the Intuit Tank series and I invite you to check out the other two called Part 1: Intuit Tank™ Launches and Part 2: Intuit Tank™ - Using Filters to Transform Script Recordings

About Denis

Denis Angleton is a Senior Developer at Intuit’s Automation and Tools team. He is the tech lead for a recently launched open source application, Intuit Tank™, a Load testing tool as well as a suite of cloud-based automation and analysis tools for Performance testing at Intuit. Denis has over 15 years experience designing and developing Enterprise applications. He holds a Master’s Degree in Education Technology from California State University, San Diego.