Part 1: Intuit Tank™ Launches

As part of Intuit TurboTax Performance team, our goal is to ensure that our millions of customers have an event-free experience. Each year, it’s a huge undertaking and I’m happy to say that in early April, we finished the final perf testing for the 2014 Tax season at Intuit using Intuit Tank™. Between Oct 1 2014 and April 2, 2015, we ran over 2400 unique tests simulating over 10 million users against our offerings and services for TurboTax. What an amazing accomplishment and it was all done at a fraction of the cost of using commercial tools. This level of performance testing is critical to the success of TurboTax or any web application, however, it is rarely done and almost never to this extent.

Intuit Tank™ is the key to this level of testing. Tank spins up instances to generate load in the Amazon cloud. This allows us to only pay for the resources we need while actually running the tests which turn out to be quite small. The other cool thing about Tank is that it is actually a suite for recording, manipulating and debugging test scripts. It includes a script recorder that you simply set up as a proxy in your browser or system and execute your flow in any way you want from manually running through your app to executing selenium scripts and all the traffic will be recorded. This can then be imported into and run through filters to convert values to variables or insert or remove steps. The script can be validated in the script debugger where you can step through the requests one by one or set breakpoints and inspect the state at each step in your flow. This script can then be combined with other scripts in a project and executed as a test plan. This test plan can be run from the UI or through the REST APIs. End to end testing!

Intuit Tank™ is an open source tool used by performance engineers to load test websites. I would love for you to download it and try it out and send me feedback via the comments section or to My personal blog is at where I write about Tank and other coding issues. There is a stand alone installation that can be used to test the interface locally and see how it works. Check it out at

About Denis

Denis Angleton is a Senior Developer at Intuit’s Automation and Tools team. He is the tech lead for a recently launched open source application, Intuit Tank™, a Load testing tool as well as a suite of cloud-based automation and analysis tools for Performance testing at Intuit. Denis has over 15 years experience designing and developing Enterprise applications. He holds a Master’s Degree in Education Technology from California State University, San Diego.