EnterpriseJS Washington DC #001

Washington, DC @ The Advisory Board

Thursday September 15, 2016

Testing Your Whole Infrastructure with Docker Compose and Node

Dan Dombrowsky, SocialTables

"Just because you've counted all the trees doesn't mean you've seen the forest." - Anonymous

We often pretend that if the tests pass, we've done our job and all will be well with the world. Two common issues challenge this assumption. One - Our development environment doesn't match production. Two - We don't always test the actual connections between systems. With Docker Compose we can address both of these concerns. In this talk, Dan takes you through how this can achieved using standard node.js tooling, a new feature in Docker 1.12, and a module he has been working on to help orchestrate the testing process.

Dan Dombrowsky is a Senior Software Engineer working on Infrastructure at Social Tables in Washington, DC. In his first year, he has pioneered the use of Docker and RethinkDB, helping the company migrate to a Node.js based microservices architecture. Most recently, he has taken the role of hackathon emcee, organizing a two week innovation sprint to promote a culture of learning.

Node.js at Capital One

Mitch Pirtle, Capital One

Capital One is solely a bank in the mind of most people. However, in reality they are a technology company and use open source a lot. When it comes to Node.js, Capital One has many uses of the platform.

In this talk, you’ll learn how Capital One uses Node.js, as well as some of the hurdles of being in the heavily regulated industry such as finance. You’ll also find out about the latest Node.js projects and what are powered by Node in production. This hands-off presentation is suited for both technical and non technical audiences.

Coming to CapitalOne from the startup scene, Mitch Pirtle has been founding companies and FOSS projects for the past two decades. His entrepreneurial involvement includes Apple, Sun, Sequent (now IBM), ClassMates,com, Starbucks, Microsoft, MTV, Food Networks, Gilt, National Geographic, Sesame Workshop, and MongoDB. He's most known on the Open Source side for founding the Joomla! content management system, as well as contributing to MongoDB, Li3, and many other libraries and frameworks. His tech background is that of a true polyglot: PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB, Redis, Node.js, and all UNIX variants. An active international speaker, Mitch talks often about developer workflow, automation, growth, and change.

Node and JavaScript in the Healthcare Enterprise: The Advisory Board Company’s journey

Emmanuel (Manny) Addo Narh, The Advisory Board

Healthcare continues to be driven by modern consumer expectations, legislations, regulations, and more importantly innovations in software engineering and technology. This session highlights the software engineering journey of the Advisory Board Company, and presents an in-depth view on the usage of Node and JavaScript, the techniques, tools, and best practices used at The Advisory Board Company to overcome “enterprise constraints” and foster a productive and vibrant open-source/inner-source community of software engineers.

Emmanuel (Manny) Addo Narh serves as a senior principal front-end engineer at The Advisory Board Company and works with product leadership and software engineers to build and deliver healthcare software solutions on the foundation of a common components and a collaborative culture built around modern best practices, tools, and automation.

EnterpriseJS D.C. - Panel Discussion

Q&A Panel with EnterpriseJS D.C. speakers Dan Dombrowsky (SocialTables), Mitch Pirtle (Capital One), Emmanuel (Manny) Addo Narh (The Advisory Board) and our Emcee Dan Shaw (CTO & Co-Founder of NodeSource).