EnterpriseJS NYC #002

New York, NY @ Shutterstock

Thursday, June 16, 2016

State of the Art Containerized Node.js

Ross Kukulinski, NodeSource

We are in the midst of a significant shift in the application deployment ecosystem. A recent Node.js Foundation survey found that 45% of developers surveyed use Node.js with containers. As companies look to build out their next-generation architectures, Node.js and containerization are emerging as two major components for powering rapid technical innovation.

However, these dynamic environments are challenging, even for the most experienced software developers out there. In this presentation, Ross Kukulinski, a NodeJS Evangelist, container enthusiast, and NodeSource technical product manager discussed why Node.js has become a popular choice in microservices-oriented, containerized dynamic environments. He provided an overview of the container ecosystem, what pitfalls often occur when running Node in containers, and how to avoid them.

Ross Kukulinski works at NodeSource as a Technical Product Manager and is a member of the NodeJS Evangelism Working Group. His technical expertise is in architecting, developing, and deploying scalable, containerized, real-time cloud applications. When he's not fostering enterprise adoption of NodeJS, Ross can be found running Node in production using containerized tools including Docker, CoreOS and Kubernetes.

Ross is a frequent speaker at technology conferences and events including QCon, CoreOS Fest, ContainerCamp, NodeSummit, KrankyGeek WebRTC, and Philly Tech Week. Ross has also published an O'Reilly Video Tutorial Series called Introduction to CoreOS: Learn to Deploy, Monitor, and Scale Containerized Applications.

Swagger: Stuff for Free

James Vivian, Shutterstock

REST APIs are the lifeblood of modern scalable service-oriented applications. All too frequently they are poorly documented, inconsistent, and insufficiently validated. The OpenAPI Initiative aims to change this by adopting the Swagger Specification under the open governance of the Linux foundation. A way to describe REST APIs in JSON, Swagger is a common vendor-neutral format with a growing ecosystem of open-source tools. Adopting Swagger can liberate developers from many commonly repeated tasks and empower them to focus on what an API should do, not how.

Shutterstock is in the final stages of migrating from monolithic applications to a services-oriented platform--one primarily built with Node.js. Building on previous work in service orchestration, the tech organization has seized the opportunity to address common pain-points following this change in architecture. James Vivian gave a review of the Swagger Specification and discussed of how Shutterstock tech is scaling the adoption of Swagger and related tooling across service and feature teams.

James Vivian is a Software Engineer at Shutterstock. On the JS Platform team he builds internal javascript tools and libraries to support adoption of Node.js at Shutterstock. A front-end developer by training, James has been working with Node.js since 2011 and building scalable systems with Javascript since 2007. A firm believer in Atwood's Law, James enjoys solving the problems of code portability and reuse with Universal Javascript. He writes for the future with ESNext.

Post-mortem & live debugging of Node.js w/ lldb & llnode

Fedor Indutny, PayPal

Crashes are inevitable when running software in a production environment and happen with every deployment from time to time. It is therefore important to be able to extract as much useful information out of them as possible. This is where post-mortem debugging comes handy. Node.js post-mortem debugging was pioneered on SmartOS by Joyent, but now with the extensible API of lldb debugger it is possible to apply the same tricks on other unix platforms. `llnode` is a lldb plugin for this job.

Fedor Indutny is a Software Engineer at PayPal and a Node.js Core Technical Committee member. He has been involved with the Node core development since 2010 starting with JS contributions and gradually moving into a C++ development. Fedor's main areas of interest are: TLS, system programming, libuv, and compilers.

EnterpriseJS NYC - Panel Discussion

Bojan "Boki" Beran, Intuit

Q&A Panel with EnterpriseJS NYC speakers Ross Kukulinski (NodeSource), James Vivian (Shutterstock), Fedor Indutny (PayPal) and our Emcee Dan Shaw (CTO & Co-Founder of NodeSource).