EnterpriseJS Boston #001

Boston, MA @ Paypal

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Moving fast with with Node.js at the BBC

Robin Murphy, BBC

Node is the perfect fit for teams that like to move fast. Its simplicity and flexibility make it easy to develop new features at speed. It's also the ideal candidate for getting lightweight services and APIs up and running in no time. But how do you keep your team moving fast in a large organization? Is it possible to move with the speed of a startup in an enterprise environment? Through our experience of building Node.js applications at the BBC, we've learned how to achieve continous delivery in an environment that can be naturally resistant to it. We'll share how we automatically deploy our APIs without fear of breaking our clients and how we ship new services into production in minutes.

Robin Murphy is a software engineer working on BBC iPlayer; the leading video on-demand service in the UK. In the past year he’s helped move our API from a single Java application to a set of new Node.js services. As well as working on iPlayer, Robin is currently focussed on building a community around Node for the hundreds of BBC developers who use it every day.

Optimizing Node.js services with JMeter and N|Solid

Daniel Racanelli, WB Games

The Iridium Platform team at WB Games in San Francisco set out to build a Games as a Service (GaaS) platform backed by Node that would support millions of players each day on as few servers as possible. This talk focuses on the tools that helped us load test our platform, and achieve optimal performance from Node under heavy concurrent traffic.

Dan Racanelli has been working in the Web Services, Music, and Video Game industries for a combined 18 years. When he’s not obsessing over optimizing Node.js services for the sake of cost-efficiency and science, he’s chasing his two young children around San Francisco.

DevOps and Node.js – Build and Deploy Principles in hosting Node.js

Chetan Desai, Intuit

Chetan Desai, Dev Ops Architect at Intuit’s Consumer Group, shares best practices and lessons learned on Intuit’s two year journey in introducing Node.js to their TurboTax technology stack – specifically focusing on Intuit’s build and deploy principles in hosting Node.js services. He’ll also share steps in how to build a Node.js service using enterprise best practices, including reliable deployment practices.

Chetan Desai is a DevOps Architect at Intuit. Chetan leads the build & deployment architecture for Intuit’s Consumer Tax Group. The DevOps group enables product teams to focus on delivering awesome features to our customers through reliable build & deployment infrastructure. Chetan loves the thrill of different problems to solve everyday in an environment of changing technologies. He has most recently been focused on Node.js and world-class AWS deployment architectures.

Open Inside

Trevor Livingston, Paypal

How Node.js and "inner-source" is changing software development at PayPal.

Trevor Livingston is a Node.js developer and member of the KrakenJS team building PayPal's next generation platform.