EnterpriseJS Austin #001

Austin, TX @ HomeAway

Friday May 14th, 2015

Scaling Enterprise API Development with Swagger and Node.js

Trevor Livingston, PayPal

PayPal faces a challenging task: transforming thousands of proprietary RPC style legacy services into a cohesive, RESTful platform. Scaling this task across teams is a challenge made easier with good process and tooling.

This presentation focuses on the challenges faces by large and small API teams and presents a design-driven process for developing APIs at scale using Swagger and the PayPal krakenjs team's tools for Node.js.

Trevor Livingston is a Node.js developer and member of the KrakenJS team building PayPal's next generation platform.

Focusing Enterprise Teams To Solve For The Core Through Collaboration

Boki Beran, Intuit

As an enterprise organization, we tend to work on a wide array of problems, however we tend to solve contextual problems over and over again. How do we break down the siloes and share so that we can move faster and solve problems together? How do we scale to deliver awesome solutions to our customers?

At Intuit, we have faced this while trying to scale out our Node js services. Find out how adopting a shift in mentality and process we have solved for things like logging, monitoring, container standardization and load testing.

Bojan "Boki" Beran is Web UI Architect in Consumer Tax Group at Intuit Inc. He leads the technical strategy in web development and responsive design for TurboTax Online as well as Open Source efforts and community building. Prior to his current role at Intuit, Boki was Technical Lead at Piksel Inc where he worked closely with R&D teams and developed connected TV applications using Samsung SDK, iOS and Android. In addition, his UX experience allows him to have a unique insight into how web users behave and how to create products with intuitive interfaces. Boki is passionate about learning new technologies, teaching (he has several publications) and collaborating with internal and external communities. Boki is a UCSD grad with a BS in electrical engineering with focusing on artificial intelligence and modern control systems.

An Update on the Node.js Community

Dan Shaw, NodeSource

The past year has seen expansion in the node ecosystem with the growth of io.js. The io.js was born out of the need to maintain the open collaboration that made Node what it is. io.js has seen the largest contributorship in the history of the project. At the same time, Node.js finally released v0.12 after two years. The Node.js Advisory Board has been hard at work helping Node.js transition to a foundation. The io.js technical committee and the node.js foundation organizers are working together to define a unified governance model. Dan Shaw will share what this means for the growth of the node ecosystem and EnterpriseJS.

Dan Shaw is dedicated to helping improve and expand the Node Community. He is a veteran of numerous Node.js startups, including Voxer, Spreecast and Storify. Dan has extensive experience building large-scale, realtime systems with Node.js and has been building production services using Node since v0.2. Dan is a frequent speaker at Node.js, JavaScript and Realtime conferences, the host of the NodeUp podcast and the organizer of events like International NodeBots Day and the NodeBots SF meetup. Prior to Node, Dan worked in large-scale government contracts for Defense, Health Care and Education.